At almost all times, marketers focus on improving their marketing efforts and leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired percentage of conversion. However, there are a few technical factors that can affect the conversion rate of your website and hence, need to be paid attention to.

Increasing the site speed

In a recent study by Google on Page Analytics revealed that the conversion rate is directly linked to the page load speed. Faster a webpage loads, the higher the rate of conversion. To put this theory into practice, Google has a tool – Page Speed Insight, which helps you determine the speed with which your site loads. The tool runs a test and provides different indicators that refer to different issues affecting loading speed. So how can you successfully increase the site speed? This is where your web host plays a very important role. Hosting architecture has a lot to do with how well your site performs, including its speed. Opting for services like VPS hosting can remarkably improve your server functions. This virtual network of private servers is built with robust hardware, which keeps your site up and operating at all times.

Increase the Trust Factor of your users

The credibility of the entire online environment is based on trust. As a major search engine platform, Google takes the responsibility of validating websites. So if your site is authenticated by the most trusted name in the online space, then your users are sure to trust you. To enable this, Google has mandated that every website should have an SSL certificate which will be displayed against its URL. Based on the level of certification, there will be indicators which will tell the user how much the site can be trusted. Security of your website is another important element that can instill trust in your visitors. Thus, a secure, authentic website always has higher chances of conversion.

Use Landing Page Tools

The landing page of your website is the first step to your online business, almost like the reception area of your office. It gives the visitor an insight into what they can expect as they move further inside. The core objective of the landing page is to gather contact information of your visitors and save them for future marketing exercises. However, if you fail at this step, then you would have already lost the chance of a conversion. There are plenty of ideas on how you can improve the design, content, layout, and navigation of your landing page. For sites built on WordPress, there are a host of tools and plugins that can improve the user experience on the landing page.

Avoid Page Redirects

We often come across web pages where the links open in a new tab or a window, making us traveling back and forth between pages. With customers spending as less as three minutes on a page nowadays, this redirect makes them lose interest and patience, thus often abandoning the browsing activity. A smarter solution to this is to build single page parallax sites where the user journey is linear and not interrupted by multiple pages.

Summing up…

The ultimate objective of any Website to JPG Converter is to pull more traffic and increase its conversion rate. While the definition of conversion might vary from business to business, it all comes down to the fact that the sole purpose of a webpage is to generate business, directly or indirectly. With these ideas, you can improve your website’s experience and thus boost the conversion rate.

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