Back to base alarm monitoring system sounds to be the newest trend in the security industry. But what does this word stand for?

In the past, people installed alarm monitoring systems and paid attention to the alarm bell only during emergencies. With the advancement of technology, the security industry can now offer more comprehensive protection. The best example of such protection is a back to base alarm monitoring system.

Put in simple terms, back to base alarm monitoring is a facility offered by security professionals where they monitor your home security system. In other words, in a back to base alarm monitoring your alarm system speaks to a monitoring centre in your absence.

Let’s proceed to learn some more facts.

Learn the three methods used for Back to base alarm monitoring

Three different methods are there that are used by these alarm systems to communicate with the monitoring control centre.

  • Using a phone line- this option seems inconvenient as it does not work when the power supply is not available. Moreover, with the introduction of the NBN rollout, all the telephone lines were changed from analogue to digital. As a result, using this option, you will not be able to contact any monitoring centre.
  • Using back to base alarm without a phone line – This is also termed as GPRS, and the system is the same as mobile phones use. Using this method, you can stay connected with the monitoring centre even during a power outage. Numerous security companies are there who offers a wide range of back to base alarm without phone line to ensure that the products match with your circumstances.
  • Using an IP system- this option demands the presence of an internet connection. However, this solution comes with its shortcomings as there is no option of any backup power supply. The system might also malfunction when the power supply is disrupted.

The most used method

The trend of using alarm monitoring systems without any phone line is gaining fast popularity. So how do these security systems work without using a phone line?

The back to base alarms without the phone line uses cellular technology instead of using landlines. Security systems initially relied only on landlines. But with the increasing demand for mobile back to base alarm monitors, companies are offering the same. Security alarm monitors using cellular technology works as a stand-alone system and not as a secondary option as they used to be in the initial stage.

A back to base alarm without phone line works by using cell phone towers available near your home. If there are no decent cell phone towers nearby, you can ask the concerned authority to install one near your locality.

To conclude, you should never confuse cellular monitoring systems with cell phones. Such systems do not rely on mobile phones to communicate. They rely upon the same technology as that of mobile phones to communicate. Cellular alarm monitoring systems are more directly linked to the central station and help in reliable communication.

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