BlackBerry has an extensive legacy of integrating security and privacy into all of its products. As the power and complexity of mobile devices have increased, BlackBerry’s focus has remained on ensuring device integrity and putting together the best security solution. BlackBerry focuses on building mobile devices that embed security into the hardware itself, creating secure and trusted endpoints for enterprise mobility.

Sky ECC used the ECC software in their latest Blackberry OS smartphones. Previously, they were using PGP software. The ECC Blackberry is an improvement of the PGP Blackberry in many ways. ECC blackberry was launched in 2010 and since then new features and interface improvements have been added to make ECC blackberry not only the most secure end-to-end encryption (E2EE) device on the market but the easiest to use as well

Advantages of ECC Blackberry over PGP Blackberry

One of the biggest differences between ECC Blackberry and PGP Blackberry is to be seen in the email header encryption. All the other security solutions that we have today do not encrypt the email header which means it could be easily hacked. When you use Sky ECC it will give you 100% email protection. Your email body, as well as the headers, are protected by Sky ECC.

The message encryption at the sender and receiver level is not the final solution. The message remains in the open state in the server. In other words, the PGP does not encrypt the exchange of the data between the device and the server. The ECC ensures that it does so.

SKY ECC is the only secure messaging app completely protected from brute force attacks. You might be able to brute force your way into the device, but with SKY ECC—it’s locked down tight.

Further to that, you can protect even your contacts list. Other security applications that we find in the market do not encrypt the contacts list but they keep the contacts as plain text making it vulnerable to security attacks

All the other security solutions do not encrypt the images that you share but Sky ECC encrypts even your images. This makes this security application suitable for business as well as personal use. You can share your photos without having to worry about them being stolen. You can also send images of scanned copies of important documents for your business transactions. It is very safe to send such documents when you have Sky ECC protecting your device.

Encryption of data is the primary weapon with which we can fight the hackers. One should ensure to make it impossible for hackers to decipher your messages. The PGP system succeeds to a certain extent. It encrypts the message but omits to do so as far as the message header is concerned. It fails to encrypt the vital information concerning the sender and the receiver as well. Under such circumstances, there are chances of data theft because an intelligent hacker can try to join the dots and try to decipher the messages. That’s why you can say that ‘ECC Blackberry is better than PGP Blackberry in many ways as it gives more advanced features in contrast with PGP devices.’


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