Some practices and strategies can make all the difference in the results of your online business. We’ve separated a list of the top tips to increase your sales with that in mind. Check it out below:

  1. Offer Good Customer Service

Customer service is one of the main factors for a consumer’s purchase decision and loyalty. Direct contact with your store needs to be effective, cordial, and positive; after all, no one likes to be treated poorly, right? So, make sure your team is prepared to answer questions and communicate with customers in the best possible way. In addition, provide service channels that offer a direct, practical, and objective experience, such as WhatsApp and online chat.

In short, the better and more pleasant the customer’s contact with your brand, the greater the chances that they will buy from you. With this, your conversion rate can increase significantly.

  1. Caprice In The Virtual Showcase

When setting up e-commerce, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you pay attention to your online catalog and trending products. As the customer will not have the opportunity to touch or experience the products, you will need to provide the best possible view through your virtual storefront.

The visual experience in the digital market is very important for the purchase decision. Make sure your sales site has good product photos with that in mind.

Invest in images that show items from different angles. Thus, the customer can have a better idea about its dimensions and its usability.

  1. Explore Social Networks

Social media is an essential point for anyone who wants to sell online. It’s there where thousands of people spend hours of the day interacting with content and tagging friends in publications. Thus, it is also a space to find and attract new customers to your company.

If your business doesn’t have a social media account yet, a good tip is to create one right away. To know which one makes the most sense for your company, understand your persona profile.

Understand, however, that just creating an account is not enough to attract customers. The action such as running facebook ads must be followed by an intelligent attraction strategy, aiming at your objective.

  1. Do Content Marketing

Content marketing is a pretty powerful technique for attracting customers organically. This strategy considers the following premise: deliver first, order later.

So, the idea is that you show your authority on the subject to your audience, publishing tips, curiosities, success stories, and other types of materials that help your target audience get closer to the transformation they want (and that your product generates). Once the public starts to have your brand as a reference, they indicate it and are more likely to buy when you offer a product. So, in addition to attracting customers, you also prepare the audience to buy from you.

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