Are you looking for a fulfilling and exciting adventure away from home? Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Costa Rica might be the perfect opportunity for you! With its lush jungles, stunning beaches, and rich culture, this Central American country offers an unforgettable experience to anyone willing to take the plunge. In this blog, we’ll explore why Costa Rica is an excellent choice for Costa Rica TEFL teachers and what you can expect from this exhilarating opportunity.

TEFL in Costa Rica: Why Costa Rica?

The first question people often ask is – why Costa Rica? Apart from its natural beauty, Costa Rica has a high demand for English teachers, making it an excellent destination for TEFL opportunities. The country’s warm and friendly locals make it easy to adapt to its culture, and the simplicity of life makes it an attractive choice. Costa Rica is also committed to providing quality education, making teaching English there a noble and worthwhile effort.

Getting Certified: TEFL Courses

Before you start teaching English abroad, you need to acquire a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). There are many online and in-person courses you can take that will provide you with an internationally recognized qualification. The four-week, on-site courses in San Jose, Costa Rica offer unparalleled instruction and practice opportunities in a live classroom setting with students of various English levels.

Job Opportunities: Teaching English in Costa Rica

Due to the increasing demand for English teachers in Costa Rica, there are many job opportunities available for TEFL-certified teachers. The majority of jobs are located in San Jose, the capital city, and other major metropolitan areas. Salaries vary from job to job, but most jobs offer enough to live on comfortably. Teachers may find work through recruiting agencies, the internet, or directly at schools.

The Way of Life: Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a relaxed way of life that may seem slow-paced to some, but that’s part of its charm. You will find friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes, and a maintenance of beauty from the country’s rich biodiversity. The cost of living in Costa Rica is lower compared to many Western countries. Housing options are relatively affordable, and transportation, food, and entertainment expenses are reasonable.

Experiences Beyond Words

Besides teaching English, there are several activities to indulge in Costa Rica that will make your getaway even more memorable. Hiking through the jungles, lounging on the beach, and surfing in the early morning are just some of the opportunities available. Volcanic hot springs are a rare chance to get spoiled in the world’s most magnificent natural spas. Monkeys, sloths, and toucans can all be seen in their natural environment. Alongside these natural attractions are cultural experiences, such as making tortillas the old-fashioned way and visiting archeological landmarks such as abandoned cities and indigenous reserves.


In conclusion, Teaching English in Costa Rica (TEFL) opens up an exciting opportunity for adventurous people seeking new challenges. The beauty of the environment, variety of teaching opportunities, and lifestyle appeal make Costa Rica an idyllic location to begin your TEFL teaching journey. By earning your TEFL qualification and embarking on the experience, you will improve your own personal and professional development and gain exposure to different cultures and lifestyles. What are you waiting for? Unleash your potential by considering TEFL in Costa Rica as your next path.

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