Your franchisees want to buy a business that comes with cutting edge digital marketing. They want their business out in front of all their potential local customers. They want social media distribution, analytics, and all the other fancy features that are needed to grow a small business these days. Our franchise brand marketing tools and services can give all that and more to your franchisees.

When you partner with us, you can give your franchisees a proven digital marketing program that extends your brand’s identity and helps it continue to expand the size of your network, and this is one of its most important strengths. You can provide digital marketing solutions to your franchisees, and this will help them stand out from the crowd. They can market in their local areas, based on different levels of sophistication. This gets your franchise recruitment program more visibility as it continues to grow.

Our software gives your franchisees a mobile-responsive website, which is critical when people are using their smartphones and tablets so much more to quickly find the business contact information they need. It also includes a content management system and a shopping cart with online quote feature. We additionally provide a customer relationship management system and a Google news compliant blog as well as an integrated mobile app.

You, as the franchisor, will have an adapted user interface that gives you all the information you need to see how franchisees’ marketing efforts are doing from one dashboard. Franchisees have a simplified user interface so they can easily market their business. There is also an advanced user interface for the experts. The program also includes support for multi-unit franchisees.

You can send out blog posts to all of your franchisees with our centralized execution, and our program also features networked content and apps, social media curation, rule-based SEO automation, an ecommerce catalogue, a shared social media calendar, and a shared email marketing feature. You can guide the overall marketing of your brand using these tools for all of your franchisees.

Our program offers aggregated reporting with calls and forms leads. You can see how an ad is doing at any point in time and take a closer look with web and search analytics. You can also see transactions for webstores to see where customers leave their carts and what they’re buying from any particular marketing campaign. Our franchise marketing software is strong and empowers your franchisees to spread the word about their businesses. Let us help you with your franchise brand marketing efforts.

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