Helium 10 Pricing Plan vs Jungle Scout Pricing Plan | What's Included?

Are you attempting to sell on Amazon successfully? Have you begun to understand that it’s more difficult than it seems? Perhaps you’ve already begun but want to gain a little head start. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it’s time to start looking for a service that can assist you. Fortunately, you’ve located Helium 10 Tools, and we have everything you need. In actuality, we offer more than you might even be aware you need, and when you check at helium 10 plans, you’ll be astounded by how much you can buy and at what prices.

Plans for Helium 10

You can obtain the choices you desire to enhance your Amazon experience thanks to a variety of plan options. Helium 10 is the way to go whether you’re just getting started or an experienced seller looking to maximize your knowledge.


  • Free Program


The free plan will offer you the very minimum information you require to feel confident that we are acting in your best interests. The free plan includes up to 20 uses of our product research black box service, 30 days of access to our trends finder, and two keyword research selections per day. Also included are two reverse ASIN lookups, 30 days of our keyword processor, financial analytics dashboard, and listing optimizer (you don’t even get them with the platinum plan), as well as two reverse ASIN lookups.

Additionally, the Free Plan offers up to 2 keywords of Product Rank Tracking, ASIN Listing Monitoring, and Coupon Abuse Prevention Services, as well as 6 usage of the Keyword Index Checker (a Platinum Subscriber Add-On). You will only have 50 chances to use the Helium 10 Amazon product research tool and restricted access to the reimbursement help.


  • Beginner Plan


Helium 10’s new beginning plan, which will begin on Amazon, was created with you in mind. With all the resources and instruction you require, it costs only $37 each month. It truly is the best offer for first-time sellers. Helium 10 provides all the resources you require, including tools for keyword and product research. 


  • Platinum Plan


Now, you can immediately enroll in the platinum plan if you are certain that you enjoy what we have to offer. For individuals who desire our keyword research, trends finder, and black box product research, this will be an excellent route to go. Cerebro, our reverse ASIN lookup, as well as up to 300 ASIN monitoring and up to 300 keywords for product rank tracking are also included.


You’re doing well for the low pricing if you include our reimbursement aid, coupon abuse protection, Helium 10 Magnet product research tools, financial analytics dashboard, and up to 5,000 emails per month in the follow up automation tool. With the help of our Index Checker technology, you can even add on keyword index checks.


  • Diamond Plan


Of course, if you want to speed up the process a little, you might want to take a look at our diamond plan. You’ll get everything from the platinum level and then some with this one. You’ll include options like Scribbles, our listing optimizer, and our Frankenstein keyword processor. Not to mention that our index checker will be used up to 300 times every month. A sweeter bargain is provided by the inclusion of up to 600 ASINs and keywords for listing monitoring, as well as the prevention of coupon abuse, reimbursement services, a tool for product research, and a dashboard for financial analytics.

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