Your computer is at risk 24*7 from power failure. If it is not protected with the help of the UPS system it may cause damage to motherboard, hard drive, RAM and much other important equipment. The UPS system acts as a power backup which kicks starts immediately on power cut. This avoids shutting down of computer in an unpleasant manner. The battery power allows you to shut down your computer properly. Many dealers Sell UPS [จำหน่าย UPS, which is the term in Thai] of different models and sizes depending upon the requirement of the buyer.

Purpose of using UPS system

  • The primary purpose of using or installation of the UPS system is protection against power interruptions. There is no fixed time for power failure. It is a sudden action that can cause damage to the equipment. UPS system protects the equipment by activating the battery power mode.
  • It also refines and stabilizes the quality of the power that passes through the system. There are times when there is a boost in the voltage. The sudden boost may trigger problems in your computer system.
  • Line interactive UPS is system is also useful in case of long term power outages. They act as a power backup and allows you to manage your important work in time. The battery for ups [แบตเตอรี่ UPS, which is the term in Thai] is to be changed immediately in case they are not working properly.

Advantages of the uninterruptible power supply system

  • Continuity: It offers continuity by protecting your computer system from any kind of power outages. You can work continuously without interruption.
  • Consistency: A UPS system is designed in a manner that identifies any change in the power supply and kick starts alternate power that eliminates surges and glitches.
  • Protection: It provides protection from all oddities related to electricity. It safeguards your IT equipment from spikes, power surges, blackouts, etc.

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