Photos are an object that is used for creating memories or for increasing the scope of your business. Editing is a tool that increases the worth of photos. Editing refers to altering of image. There is wide range of software that are available for editing pictures. Some of them include Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Microsoft Paint, etc. To understand the purpose of using editing software refer to this link

Tips to edit photos with ease

  • Adjustment layers: The adjustment layer is a professional technique of editing pictures with ease. An adjustment layer is placed above the background layer. The adjustment gives you the opportunity to make adjustments without manipulating original image. You can access the adjustment layer by clicking on the icon which is placed on the foot of the layers panel.
  • Black & white: If you are not satisfied with the colour picture you can convert the picture into a black & white picture by converting the raw image in Adobe Camera Raw. You can also opt for default conversion or convert an individual is using slider.
  • Camera Raw filter: The Camera Raw filter gives the user access to the controls available in Adobe Camera Raw. You can make adjustments with ease to a raw file. The best way of using this edit option is to make a copy of the background layer. For more editing tips, refer this link

List of best photo editing software

  • Adobe Photoshop: This is one of the powerful editing application for manipulating pictures. It can be used by artists, designers, photographers, and also by beginners. Layering, masking, retouching are some of the most used tools of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Skulum Luminar: Luminar is the fastest developing photo editing software. It offers a list of different pre-set effects that can be instantly applied.
  • GIMP: This is another most popular photo editing software. It offers various basic editing techniques for beginners.

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