Speed up WordPress surely is a really Hot topic these days. There are a lot of ways available to speed up your WordPress sites performance.

Why you should Speed up your WordPress site?

Generally, users prefer to browse sites which have better page loading speed. So it is necessary that your website should load fast. More than 35% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. WordPress is really popular because it comes with a lot of awesome features different themes, plugins that helps you to design your blog as your wish.

Here we go with some of the reasons why you should speed up your WordPress site.

  1. I think you already know the importance of Search Engine Results Page and it’s importance for your business. Popular search engines like Google ranks websites with fast-loading times higher than the slow-loading. So you should take care of your website loading speed.
  2. According to the studies 47 percent of visitors bouncing off the website if the sites take more than 3 seconds to load. So you should speed up your WordPress website otherwise you will lose near 50% of your visitors. If you are running an e-commerce site, you should make your website fast because customers never make online payment through slow loading websites.

Remove Unnecessary Themes and Plugins

The best way to speed up your website is removing unwanted themes and plugins permanently. However, if you are just launching your business website or blog, you should prefer to use fast loading themes.

You have the option to delete Themes and Plugins manually. If you are a WordPress developer and you need to test a lot of themes and plugins, you can use plugins like WP Reset to reset any WordPress sites quickly. You can completely reset your website also you have the option to delete themes and plugins only.

To run a website fast, you should prefer a good hosting provider. Also, we recommend you to compress images on your website. It will reduce the strain it puts on a server to load them.

Hope this article helps to learn the importance of website speed and some interesting methods to delete plugins and themes.

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